séverine barbe, Somatotherapy, Well-being massage, Yoga, Pilates
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in Montredon Labessonnié, Tarn


The person who followed, including relaxation, breathing, harmonizing massage, visualization, ... the person who is gradually taming his body, expressing his bodily feelings.

The emotions (fears, sadness, anger ...) that can not be expressed or not, are printed in the body in the form of tensions, somatisations, diseases ...

The person accompanied by the discovery of his bodily sensations and the present moment. Dare and can be learned to speak, to talk about your emotions, your emotions, without being judged, to help you distance yourself from your suffering.

Links are created between the physical and psychological experience (memories, awareness).

The accompanied person becomes more attentive to his needs, his limits and his potential. She finds more confidence, serenity, general well-being. More autonomous, she becomes a creator of her life and no longer a spectator.








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