séverine barbe, Somatotherapy, Well-being massage, Yoga, Pilates
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Séverine Barbe, Somatotherapy, Well-being massage, Yoga, Pilates

Séverine BARBE



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I practiced several sports intensively during several years together with yoga I had passionate and dedicated yoga teachers. I was lucky to benefit from their experience.

In August 2017 I decided to go to Rishikesh in India, the world capital of Yoga, where I trained as a Yoga teacher. I chose the Atri Yoga Center, a very serious school with qualified and experienced teachers. I obtained a Yoga Teacher Training certificate, which is Internationally recognised by Yoga Alliance.

After graduating in fitness, I have been working as a health Instructor for twenty years. As a young adult I experienced relaxation, well-being massage and different forms of therapies, which allowed me to achieve inner fulfilment through deep relaxation.

Trained as a massage Practitioner in 2003 in a well-known French school, I’ve been a Trainer myself for Californian massage for 9 years.

Since 2005, I’ve been working as a Somatotherapist for all kind of people.

I go to different places like : client’s houses, associations, day care, spas, hotels, guest houses, fair trades, specialized schools, retirement houses, hospitals, palliative care networks… (children, elders, sick people and dying individuals).

I also specialized in end of life care and support.

Eager to learn and improve, I keep training and working on my inner self which contributes to my fulfilment.

Séverine Barbe - phone: +33 (0)620 987 500 - e-mail : severinebarbe64@gmail.com - website : www.severine-barbe.fr
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